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Who Am I?

My name is Danny Nocito, I've been playing music since I was about 5. I started piano lessons at a young age, picked up guitar around 13, from there I've continually strived to learn more and more about other instruments and music production. In past bands I've played bass, lead/rythem guitar, sang, keys/synths, steel drums, melodica, mandolin, ukulele and other odd random percussive instruments.

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My Past Projects

Art of Scarlet

Trust But Verify


Red Velvetears


The Highest Accomplishment

I won the 2016 ECB songwriter contest in Destin Florida for my songs, Alyssum (Art of Scarlet) & In This Moment.

My Work Process

My processes vary, most time I start a song with a single idea or theme. Could be lyrical, could be an ideal, an emotion, a texture, a riff, melody, rythem, etc. Some of my creations have been out of boredom sitting down on a my Microkorg or acoustic guitar and making something out of nothing. Typically I write from a guitar or bass even if the track doesn't feature it. I have a home studio on a budget so I have to get creative in some areas.

Off Topic Favorite Things to Do

Kayaking, video games and cooking are my favorite hobbies

Danny Nocito
Hype Maschine Producer