Featured Artists: Filipino Grigio
Genre: Electro House Electronic Rock

Hype (Ft. Filipino Grigio) (Single)

Release Date: August 29, 2015

  1. Hype (Ft. Filipino Grigio) (3:49) | Lyrics
  2. Hype (Ft. Filipino Grigio) (Edited) (3:49)


1st official release from Hype Maschine. The origin of the song starts about 10 years ago in Asheville, North Carolina. Original written for acoustic guitar, the original song structure was very different. I was then altered into a rock song for band Jargo M. That band released one EP and started production on a full length album but never developed any further. Later after Hype Maschine's inception and initial development, the song was then again altered into the electronic genre and here is where the song found solid roots. Keeping true to it's guitar/rock roots, Hype Maschine's version still features heavy guitar/bass usage in the pre-chorus, chorus and bridge parts. The song features a breakdown with elements of dubstep, mixing in guitars along with synths and guest vocalist, Filipino Grigio.