Trust But Verify

Members (Chronologically):

Daniel Nocito-Guitar/Samples/Vocals
Larry McHugh-Drums
Craig Medlin-Guitar
Adam Long-Vocals
Andrew Pruett-Guitar/Vocals
Avery Bradley-Bass/Vocals
Sam Watts-Bass/Vocals


Metalcore band formed in January, 2014 and released one EP, From The Fire. Trust But Verify has shared the stage with Invoker, Endeavor, Backhoe, Despondence, Me and the Trinity, Death Before Dying, Labyrinth, MyFever, I Built This Field All By Myself With No Help, The Sun Also Rises, Dirt Don't Hurt, Mare Soni, Projections, Cryocoma, Disco Vato, Vagrants, The Jerry Riddle?, Etheorist, My Brother: The Ocean, A Solid Foundation, The Offer, Buffalo Buffalo, Koffity, Common Family, Solid Waste, The May King, Burn This Down, World's Fair Hotel, Safe Harbor, Scream Out Loud and Jamal Steele.


Trust But Verify has gone through several line-up changes, over their reign chronological members have included, Daniel Nocito, Larry McHugh, Craig Medlin, Adam Long, Andrew Pruett, Avery Bradley and Sam Watts. The original line-up featured Danny singing and playing rythem guitar with Craig playing lead, Adam playing bass and Larry playing drums. Craig eventually left to pursue more important life ventures, and we discovered that Adam was an amazing vocalist, so we decided to change around. We decided that Adam should solely handle vocals, so the search began for a replacement bassist and guitarist. We then met Andrew who melted our faces immediately when he picked up his guitar, then discover Avery who thumped his way into our metal hearts. After some time of performing and our initial release, Avery left to pursuit college, we then brought Sam on board who really filled in some spaces. Avery excelled in harmonies/back-up-singing where as Sam excelled in screams that contrasted nicely with Danny/Adams screams. TBV always had 4 vocalists at a given time, this made enthralling harmonies and back-and-forth scream sessions.



Debut EP from Florida based metalcore band, Trust But Verify.

From The Fire

Release Date: November 29, 2014

Track Listing:

  1. Alls Well That Ends (3:35) Lyrics
  2. Bay of Sails (4:48) Lyrics
  3. Silence of Sirens (4:27) Lyrics
  4. A Catalyst, For The Production Of (5:32) Lyrics

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